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YOMUDA straw comprehensive utilization equipment manufacturer

The company's main products are forage harvesting machinery (including: disc mower and flattener, forage spreader, horizontal rotary hay rake, round bale rolling machine, and bale wrapping machine);

Feeding machinery (including: unbundling machine, cylindrical pulverizer, TMR feed mixer).



9YG-1.0 Round Baler
Mainly used for forage or straw harvesting operations, the machine is light in weight, convenient to operate, small in supporting power, and high in work efficiency. It is suitable for operations on small plots or wet plots. The formed round bale has a regular shape, high density, and a bale shape. 950*1000mm, suitable for long-distance transportation. The weight of the bale is between 100-150kg, which provides conditions for the later feeding of livestock. It can be operated by one person without the assistance of personnel or machinery. This model is put on the market and can be used for the replacement of small square tying machines.
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9YG-1.4C/E Round Baler
YOMUDA 6114 / 6214 Round Baler is a kind of forage and straw harvesting machine, which can automatically pick up and compress the swath or straw laid in the field, and automatically bundle it into cylindrical bales with nylon net. The machine is an upgraded version of 1.4A, which has the advantages of light weight, simple operation, high density and low damage rate.
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9YG-1.4D Round Baler
YOMUDA 6314 Round Baler is a kind of forage harvesting machine. Its main purpose is to pick up and bale in the field. It can automatically pick up the grass strips laid in the field, compress them into shape, and automatically bundle them into cylindrical bales with nylon mesh.
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9GX Series Mounted Rotary Lawn Mowers
It is suitable for forage harvesting in harsh environment (such as low-lying land and ridge), with high efficiency, convenient operation, easy maintenance and low damage rate.
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9YGQ-3.0 Trailed Disc Mower Conditioner
YOMUDA 3130 TR Disc Mower Conditioner can flatten the coarse straw of the grass immediately with the roller, and then throw it to the grass collecting board at high speed to form a fluffy grass strip, which can effectively improve the natural drying speed of the grass and reduce the nutrient loss of flowers and leaves.
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YOMUDA 41 Rotary Tedders
The cut grass is turned over and spread out, so that the grass is evenly and fluffy spread on the ground, which can quickly dry the grass, so as to shorten the drying time and reduce the loss of grass.
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9LS-6.2 Rotary Rake
YOMUDA 5162 Rotary Rake can collect the cut and dried grass into neat and fluffy grass strips. The spring tine move gently during operation, so there is less loss of flowers and leaves.
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9ym-1.2 fixed round bale coating machine
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9cm-1.2 Round Bale Wrapper
The machine wraps the baled fresh forage and crop plants with tensile film to make the feed ferment in the absence of oxygen, which can prolong the storage time of the feed, generally 1-2 years, and improve the feed conversion rate. The machine has reliable film winding, good stretching effect, about 25% can be saved with film, flexible and convenient operation, and has a self pickup device.
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9YF-66.5 Cylinder Crusher
It is used for crushing and kneading forage, straw, reed and shrub. It can crush large round bales, generous bales, small round bales, small square bales and bulk materials, and can crush corn cobs, high moisture corn kernels, sorghum and all grain crops. Efficient processing capacity, electronic control system, suitable for 100-160 HP tractors, or 90kw Motor cargo diesel engine.
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